Friday, September 28, 2012

Who is the most beautiful royal bride....?

   Since the day the first images were shown on cinema screens Britain’s royal weddings had become major international events. For almost the century these state occasions had been watched all over the world and attracted huge crowd.

The Royal Wedding is considered as a fairy tale. The bride is the most attractive one in this occasion.
 Just see..who is the most beautiful royal bride ...............,
Now you can select her, what is your choice.........?

The Queen Mother (1923)

Princess Marina (1930)

Duchess of Gloucester (1930)

Wallis Simpson the duchess of Windsor (1937)

The Queen (1947)

Princess Margret (1960)

Katherine Duchess Of Kent (1961)

Princess Alexandra (1963)

Princess Ann (1973)

Princess Diana (1981)

Sarah Ferguson the duchess of York (1986)

Sophie Rhys-Jones the Countess of Wessex (1999)

Camilla the duchess of Cornwall (2005)

Katharine the duchess of Cambridge (2011)

Please, add your choice as a comment. 


  1. I really like wedding gowns of:Katherine Duchess Of Kent, The Queen and princess Alexandra. I don't like at all the gown of Princess looks low quality...and about the Kate gown i think is too similar to Grace Kelly one and in general i don't like at all Kate she's a parasite.

  2. Wallis Simpson,Diana,Kate

  3. Princess Margaret, easily. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Princess Anne, no contest.

  5. Wooow... princess Alexandra has tha marvellous royal beauty. her smile is v attractive....

  6. Princess Diana,of course....her wedding gown is beautiful and she is looking just like a doll...she's gorgeous.