Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attacks On The Royal Family - Part 1

    Britain's Royal Family is the most famous Royal Family among the survival royal families in the world. A lot of people who are in not only the Britain but also all over the world love and respect to the Queen and the Royal Family. The best example is the last wedding ceremony of Prince William & Princess Katherine. On that day the whole world paid their attention for the city of London. That Royal Wedding confirmed the sustainability of Royal Family for half century years more.

The British Royal Family

Millions of people gather for the Royal Wedding 

   Mean while, there are some people who does not like to the Royal Family in not only the Britain but also all over the world. Because of many reasons, they heat the Royal Family.Most of them believe that the sustaining of the Royal Family by public wealth is unfair. They say that the Queen and the Royal Family  are sustained by public wealth with out doing any service for the country. Even they suggest a president instead of the Queen. But the humorous thing is this, the Queen's annual cost is $ 57.8 Million  and the American president's annual cost is $ 1.4 Billion as well.

   The other point is the British Imperialism as well as the Monarchy is a symbol of the Imperialism. That is why, there are so many protesters against the Queen and the Royal Family. That can be seen in the Commonwealth realms better than Britain. For examples Australia, Canada, New Zealand and so forth.

   Apart from that, there are many kinds of protesters against the Royal Family so as to get attention of the world. There have been some incidents like above in the recent history. But attacks on member of the Royal Family are rare events.

Kidnap attempt on Princess Anne, the Princess Royal (1974)

 Princess Royal and her husband Captain Mark Philips
   The car that Princess Anne, the Princess Royal and her husband Captain Mark Philips was going had been shot on 20 March 1974. The Royal couple had been returning to Buckingham palace from a charity film screening in the city. Accidently, at the Pall Mall when the couple was on their way to the palace, a light coloured car blocked their road. A man who got out from the car fired six shots towards the royal car. There in Princess's private detective Inspector James Beaton fired at once. The Inspector, The chauffer Alex Callender, one of the Queen's senior drivers, Rowena Brassey, the Princess's Lady-in-waiting, and a man passing in a taxi were wounded from this incident. The Princess got shocked but no harm. After few minutes gunman was arrested.

Princess's Rolls-Royce and gunman's car after the kidnap attempt on Pall Mall 
    He was Ian Ball, 26 years old.The police found a letter written to the Queen, with him. It said that the Princess Anne was kidnapped and pay 3 million Founds to release the Princess. The Queen and Prince Philip are currently on a state visit Indonesia but have been informed of the attack. After a few days doctors exposed that Ian was a mental upset person.  

Ian Ball

Princess Anne & Captain Mark Philips talking about the kidnap attempt 


  1. Princess Anne is the most boldest & hard working member of the royal family.......nice post

  2. This article is a nice piece, but the grammer is terrible. Its hard to understand at times.