Saturday, September 22, 2012

Royal curtsy

A curtsy is a traditional gesture of greeting, in which a girl or woman bends her knees while bowing her head. It is the female equivalent of male bowing in Western cultures.
Nowadays, curtsey is still performed when meeting Royals. There are some royal curtsies.
Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher curtsy before the Queen

Curtsy to Princess Margaret, when she arrives at Selfridge `s this evening to attend the ball in aid of the Marylebone Housing Association

A lady curtsies respectfully low to Her Majesty the Queen, when the Queen attended the St.Cecilia Festival concert at the Royal Festival Hall
Princess Margaret in a curtsy, when she attending Pilgrimage Service at the Guildford Cathedral

Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher curtsy before the Queen, as she arrives at Thatcher's 80th birth day party     

 A lady curtsy before prince Charles
Camilla, duchess of Cornwall curtsy to the emperor Akihito & empress Michiko of Japan  

Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher curtsy before the Queen  Mother

 Princess Elizabeth (now the Queen) curtsy before king Haakon of Norway, when he arrived in London to state visit

Camilla, duchess of Cornwall in a  curtsy

Diana, princess of wales curtsy to the emperor Akihito & empress Michiko of Japan  

The Queen in a curtsy

Prince William in a curtsy

Katherine, duchess of Cambridge in a curtsy 

Anna Neagle curtsy before H.R.H.Princess Elizabeth ,as she arrives at film premiere of Lady with a lamp ,September 22 1951

All smiles Madison Sporer impressed the Queen with her polished curtsy and a handmade card.

Princess Diana in a difficult curtsy 

Princess Margaret curtsy to the Queen during her wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in the spring of 1960 

French first lady, CarlaBruni-Sarkozy curtsies as she meets the Queen
'I really wanted to curtsy to the Queen, and we had a lot of fun with my friend Marianne Faithfull, who had already met the Queen,' Bruni-Sarkozy said.

Autumn Phillips & Peter Phillips curtsy & bow to the Queen at the Royal Ascot Races

British actress Joan Collins curtsies as she meets the Queen

Katherine Jenkins curtsies elegantly to Her Majesty the Queen  at the races

Katharine, duchess of Cambridge curtsying for the Queen during her Jubilee tour

InfantaElena, Duchess of Lugo, the elder daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía of Spain, curtsying for the Queen   

The Queen in a curtsy

Lady Gaga curtsying for the Queen 

Marilyn Monroe curtsying for the Queen, London, 1956

 The Queen in a triple curtsy 

Mrs. McKay curtsies before the Queen

Princess Diane curtsies before Queen Sofia of Spain

Princess Diana's first curtsy to the Queen as the Princess Of Wales during the wedding ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral.

Princess Beatrice curtseys clumsily to her grandmother the Queen on the sunny fifth day of Ascot

Princess Alexandra making a curtsy to the Queen 1963

 Princess Charlene of Monaco making a curtsy to the Queen

Princess Eugenie Curtsies to the Queen

Princess Eugenie curtseying to the late HM the Queen Mother 1997

Princess Mette Marit of Norway curtsies respectfully low to Her Majesty the Queen

 Nurses curtsy to the Queen during her visit to officially open Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital in Australia 

Camilla, duchess of Cornwall in a curtsy at Denmark palace.

Serena Williams shows off her curtsy to the Queen 

Spreading wide the skirt of her gymslip, a uniformed schoolgirl curtsies respectfully low before a smiling Princess Margaret at a prizegiving ceremony.

 Madonna curtsies as she meets the Queen at the world premiere for 2002 Bond film, 'Die Another Day'.

Sophie countess of Wessex curtsy to the Queen

Princess Mette-Marit curtseys to the Queen

Prince Harry in a curtsy

Sophie countess of  Wessex curtsy to the Queen , at the  queen  mother's  funeral 

Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher curtsy before the Queen


  1. The last two pictures: Not Sophie or the Queen Mums funeral and not Baroness Thatcher.

  2. One thing I will day about Diana, she had an AWESOME curtsey.

  3. Yes Diana's curty is the best. She is consistent and did it right everytime. Obviously shows practice.

  4. Yes, don't think Sophie would be dressed in cream at a funeral.

  5. Several of these seem off. "Prince Harry in a curtsey"--not. Someone is curtseying TO Prince Harry. "Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in a curtsey": Wrong. The other person in the photo is curtseying TO Camilla. The Queen in a curtsey: NO. The other person is curtseying TO the Queen. The curtsey is performed by the person of lower rank as a sign of respect to the person of higher rank. The person whose knees are bending and whose head is, or should be, bowed is curtseying--not the person who is of royal rank.

    1. I know why cant Pinterest get it right?

  6. i like Diana's one, it shows her humility..but i would never bow down to someone

  7. Diana's was the best, it's all in the upbringing.

  8. Diana was trained in dance. No doubt that has something to do with the grace and consistency of her curtsies.